Meilleur court métrage experimental New York International Independant Film Festival - Edition Los Angeles 2012
Meilleur court métrage experimental New York International Independant Film Festival - Edition Los Angeles 2012
Best short film at Minneapolis Underground Film Festival
Meilleur court métrage - Vitese Lumiere - Québec


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Watch ETHEREAL CHRYSALIS As It Melts Your Face Off

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"A masterpiece of short form psychedelic cinema." Tal Zimerman
RUE MORGUE magazine

Kicks Lovecraftian/Giger aaaassss!!!!!!!
Phil Anselmo Pantera/Down/Housecore Horror Film Festival

Ethereal Chrysalis defies description. The organisers of Mayhem thought it perhaps the strangest film they had ever seen, and it certainly had a visionary quality about it in a William Blake sort of way. The audience loved it though.
5 Novembre 2012 | Starburst magazine | Jon Towlson


"… Coming at you like Neil Gaiman's Mirror-Mask set in the world of Hellraiser comes Syl Disjonk's Ethereal Chrysalis. …" FULL ARTICLE
9 Novembre 2011 | All Things Horrors | Chris Hallock

"… The short film is a head trip of demonic delights, with Cronenberg-esque insects swimming through a nightmarish dreamscape that would make Clive Barker giddy. Disjonk left me with some of the most haunting imagery seen at Festivus this year. …"
17 Janvier 2012 | Yahoo Movies | Jason Cangialosi


"… Disjonk has done a remarkable job creating a nightmarish world complete with amazing special effects. I hope he continues to be haunted by nightmares, so I get to see more of his films. …" FULL ARTICLE
1 Novembre 2011 | Entertainment Maven | Matt Hodgson


"… This short is so intensely personal, so visceral, that I felt wrong for watching it — like I was peeking into someone's diary. Stunning stuff. …"
14 Octobre 2011 | She Never Slept | Leslie H. (BambooNoir)


"… Gorgeous visual styling paired with menacing creatures and confines will have this one etched in my brain & heart for quite a while. Absolutely stunning. …" FULL ARTICLE
26 Octobre 2011 | Movie Moxie | Shannon the Movie Moxie


Ethereal Chrysalis (Syl Disjonk) is described as ‘a nightmare where the inter-dimensional cosmic order is consumed by dementia’ It’s blends animation with live action and has no dialogue, allowing the audience to appreciate the eye popping scenery and backdrops. It has the appearance of an epic style video game, and some really great puppetry involving a flying turtle like creature! Beautiful to look at, it’s a dream-like and aesthetic piece.
Avril 2012 | Popcorn Horror


Ethereal Chrysalis – Director Syl Disjonk creates a fantastic piece of surrealism in this 10 minute film that you will either probably love or hate. A friend of mine, quite rightly, mentioned MirrorMask but I feel that the world is easily big enough for, and will benefit from, more than one slice of such.
Avril 5 2012 | FlickFeast | Kevin Matthews


Entrez dans la Chrysalide Éthérée, une réalité cauchemardesque multidimensionnelle où la rationalité n'existe plus. Un voyage hallucinogène atteint sans l'utilisation d'un médicament psychotrope (comme le LSD) ; pas pour ceux qui ont les «âmes sensibles».
Février 11 2012 | Culture Plus | Sylvain Richard


Interview with director Syl Disjonk in Spanish at