Ethereal Chrysalis on IMDB

Syl Disjonk (Director of Ethereal Chrysalis
Assistant director (key player in the the project) Carnior
Co-producer and also a director Igor Simonnet
Original music: Martin Gauthier

Support Rémy FX Couture

Special Effects:

Eric Thivierge

Remy Couture

Jean Pronovost


Costume Design : Marie-Christine Gagnon (Les Névrosée)


Fredérick Maheux (Director of the Art/Crime movie)
Pat Tremblay (Director of Hellacious Acres: The case of John Glass)
Thierry Demers
Éric Falardeau (Director of Thanatomorphose)
Simon Lacroix (Director of Esbark)

Special thanks: 
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