Syl Disjonk: Director of Ethereal Chrysalis


Syl Disjonk : Writer & director

Born in 1975 in the city of Quebec, Syl Disjonk uses his artschool background and his FX editing skills to create wildy psychotronic films. In 2006, he produces the international success Zordax II, a spaghetti post-apocalyptic short film which earns him the Vitesse Lumiere Festival’s Public Award. In homage to the legendary metal band Voivod, he directs We Are Connected in 2007, a film which exhibits Syl Disjonk’s experimental sensibility. With his last film, Ethereal Chrysalis, he signs an ambitious creation which transcends all his prior work.



2006 Zordax II: La Guerre du Métal (DV, 12 min. Fiction)
2007 Voïvod: We Are Connected (DV, 8 min. Experimental)
2011 Ethereal Chrysalis (HD, 10 min. Fiction)
2013 Voïvod: Kluskap O'kom (music video)


Written and directed by Syl Disjonk
Assistant director : Carnior
Produced by Syl Disjonk & Igor Simonnet
Director of photography: Martin McKay
Original music: Martin Gauthier
Sound Designer: Keith McMullen
Art direction by : Véronique Poirier


Syl Disjonk:  Traveller, sleeping giant, schizophrenic & mutant
Raynald Lapierre: Psychic alchemist

Special Effects:

Eric Thivierge
Crush and Blush Studio
On-set special effects artist, mutant full body makeup, ectoplasmic larva & organic ball

Remy Couture
Prosthetic head, chrysalis, organic ground,
head & face molding

Jean Pronovost
Crab creature & prosthetic face

Editing: Syl Disjonk

Visual Effects

Syl Disjonk
Compositing, matte painting & vfx

Eric Bilodeau
Compositing, matte painting & vfx

Costume Design :
Veronique Poirier
Marie-Christine Gagnon

Pre-production manager: Elene Dallaire


Eric Thievierge
Isabelle Lapierre

Set design Veronique Poirier & Carnior

Set builders
Veronique Poirier
Jean Pronovost
Myriam St-Laurent Rioux
Igor Simonnet
Pierrot Neron
Andrei  Saavevra
Stephane Desaulnier

Sound mixer: Keith McMullen
Foley recorder: Keith McMullen
Foley supervisor: Keith McMullen
Foley artist: Pierrot Néron
Creature screams & sounds: Youri Raymond

Camera Assistant: Alexandre Bouchard
Production Assistant: Dany Etcheverry
Gaffer: Alexandre Gazé

Pascal Doiron
Pierrot Néron

Equipment: CINEPOOL 

Crab creature animators:
Veronique Poirier, Pierrot Neron, Jean Pronovost,
Igor Simonnet, Pascal Doiron

Sleeping giant photo-shoot
Photographer: Martin McKay
Assistant photographer: Dany Etcheverry
Make-up Artist: Jean Pronovost - Remy Couture

Macro photography for matte painting: Serge De Cotret
Set Photographer day 3: Samuel Martin

Craft: Isabelle Lapierre

Molding assistants: Nathalie Mai Duong & Marjorie Imbeault

Storyboard artist: Syl Disjonk

Shot on RED at Igor Studio in 2010, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Fredérick Maheux
Pat Tremblay
Christo Lepovsky
Jocelyn Tremblay
Martin Blondeau
Thierry Demers
Éric Falardeau
Odrée Lapointe
Maggy Durand
Simon Lacroix
Karim Hussain
Fire Lewis

Special thanks: 
Zap Image


Alexandre Bouchard, Dany Etcheverry, Yanka Pelletier

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