Fantastic short film Ethereal Chrysalis
Hollywood premiere at the New York International
Independent Film and Video Festival - Los Angeles edition
Thursday april 12th 2012

Posted April 11th 2012

Freshly back from Europe, fantastic short film Ethereal Chrysalis will now continue a successful round of screenings in the U.S.A.. After visiting Portland where it flabbergasted the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival audience, winning the best short film award at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival and having a blast at Festivus Film Festival in Denver, Ethereal Chrysalis director/writer/actor Syl Disjonk will now attend the Los Angeles edition of the New York International Independant Film & video Festival for the Hollywood premiere of his surreal offspring.

Short film program
Thursday april 12th 2012 8:00pm
Raleigh Studios (Chaplin Building)
5300 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA


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Based on Syl Disjonk's nightmares Ethereal Chrysalis is filled with otherworldly landscapes and phantasmagorical imagery that took shape with the help of  talented Montreal special effects artists Eric Thievierge, Remy Couture and visionary artist Jean Pronovost.

Jason Cangialosi from Denver wrote for Yahoo Movies that " hallucinatory short Ethereal Chrysalis, is a mixed bag of fleshy effects set to a monstrously good classical film score from Martin Gauthier. The short film is a head trip of demonic delights, with Cronenberg-esque insects swimming through a nightmarish dreamscape that would make Clive Barker giddy. Disjonk left me with some of the most haunting imagery seen at Festivus this year. "


The Sleeping Giant -  Ethereal Chrysalis - Fantastic short film directed be Syl Disjonk
The Sleeping Giant in the short film Ethereal Chrysalis directed by Syl Disjonk
Photo Martin McKay, sleeping giant makeup Jean Pronovost and Rémy Couture, costume Marie-Christine Gagnon.

New York International Film and Video Festival

Short film program

Obsesion - Emperatiz Vizcarra
Drowned - Marcio Migliorisi
The Flowering of Salvation - Esta Sylaidos
I, Omega - Jamie De Villota
Thursday the 19th - Raphael Holt
The Amazing Charleroux - Ido Fluk
Ethereal Chrysalis - Syl Disjonk
Recompense - Caroline Bridges
Powerless - Kell Ramos
Hanging Tree - Giovanni Capitello
Choice - Chris .R. Notarile

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Ethereal Chrysalis at H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
Syl Disjonk as the schizophrenic in the surreal short film Lovecraftien Ethereal Chrysalis.
Photo Martin McKay, makeup Eric Thievierge, costume Marie-Christine Gagnon.

Ethereal Chrysalis main credits:

Written and directed by Syl Disjonk
Assistant director : Carnior
Produced by Syl Disjonk & Igor Simonnet
Director of photography : Martin McKay
Original music : Martin Gauthier
Sound Designer: Keith McMullen
Art direction by : Véronique Poirier

Syl Disjonk:  Traveller, sleeping giant, schizophrenic & mutant
Raynald Lapierre: Psychic alchemist

Special effects by Éric Thievierge, Rémy Couture and Jean Pronovost

Visual effects (matte painting and compositing) by Syl Disjonk and Éric Bilodeau



Toronto After Dark Film Festival synopsis for Ethereal Chrysalis : An epic orchestral score propels a cacophony of surreal horror imagery conjured through a masterful use of prosthetics, miniatures and stop-animation.


Ethereal Chrysalis U.S. premiere at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival report.


Synopsis for Ethereal Chrysalis written by the Festival de cinema de la ville de Québec:
A surreal and philosophical tale or just a nightmare of the director?
The Dali style image take us into a fantasy world where death and reincarnation are the subjects.


Ethereal Chrysalis official world premiere was held on Aug. 6th 2011
at Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, QC, Canada.


A work in progress of Ethereal Chrysalis was screened on June 3rd 2011 at Vitesse Lumière Festival in Quebec City.
The reaction was so positive that we won the prize for the best film ex aequo. See article...


In 2006 Syl Disjonk won the audience award and a special jury prize at the Festival Vitesse Lumière in Quebec for his post-apocalyptic short film Zordax II: The Metal War.