Ethereal Chrysalis is part of A Night of the Grotesque
featuring the films of Robert Morgan presented by All Things Horror

Posted June 8th 2012

The fantastic short film Ethereal Chrysalis is part of A Night of the Grotesque featuring the films of the stop motion genius Robert Morgan presented by All Things Horror.

All Things Horror Present - A night of the Grotesque - Robert MorganFriday, June 8
Somerville Theater
55 Davis Square, Somerville MA 02144
8 pm

$8 ($7 online price)

The Grotesque World of Robert Morgan

Bobby Yeah
+ more short films from Robert Morgan
Syl Disjonk's Ethereal Chrysalis
Laura Whyte's Nursery Crimes

Ethereal Chrysalis was previously screened with Bobby Yeah from Robert Morgan at The Dead by Dawn film festival in Scotland.

Winner of the best short film at Minneapolis Underground Film Festival and at the Quebec's Vitesse Lumière Festival, Ethereal Chrysalis was also screened at Fantasia, Toronto After Dark, Rojo Sangre and the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland Oregon, USA where it got a tremendous positive response.

The Sleeping Giant -  Ethereal Chrysalis - Fantastic short film directed be Syl Disjonk
The Sleeping Giant in the Lovecraftian short film Ethereal Chrysalis directed by Syl Disjonk
Photo: Martin McKay, sleeping giant makeup Jean Pronovost and Rémy Couture, costume Marie-Christine Gagnon.

Ethereal Chrysalis fantastic short film
Ethereal Chrysalis fantastic short film

Syl Disjonk lovecraftian bio:

Syl Disjonk lives in an hypercube in the Montreal Interzone. He owns a Certification of Insanity from Arkham Asylum for his sleep terror disorder. He has been attacked by dark ones in his dreams since his childhood. He still goes through an art therapy to keep his mind in place.

He has made much progress in recent years and now manage to survive by using his skills in the field of graphic design and visual effects. Many of his personal artworks recall the universe of H.P. Lovecraft. 

His latest short film Ethereal Chrysalis is based on his nightmares and his memories of the future.

Ethereal Chrysalis : Surrealist Landscape - H.P. Lovecraft Actually short film progam A Night of Horror - Sydney


Lovecraftian artworks by Syl Disjonk:

H.P. Lovecraft ancien skull - Necronomicon H.P. Lovecraft horror Lovecraftian mutant creature
City from beyond
H.P. Lovecraft nightmare H.P. Lovecraft worm monster creature

Ethereal Chrysalis - Fantastic short film - Trailer from Syl Disjonk on Vimeo.


Ethereal Chrysalis main credits:

Written and directed by Syl Disjonk
Assistant director : Carnior
Produced by Syl Disjonk & Igor Simonnet
Director of photography : Martin McKay
Original music : Martin Gauthier
Sound Designer: Keith McMullen
Art direction by : Véronique Poirier

Syl Disjonk:  Traveller, sleeping giant, schizophrenic & mutant
Raynald Lapierre: Psychic alchemist

Special effects by Éric Thievierge, Rémy Couture and Jean Pronovost

Visual effects (matte painting and compositing) by Syl Disjonk and Éric Bilodeau



Synopsis for Ethereal Chrysalis written by the Festival de cinema de la ville de Québec:
A surreal and philosophical tale or just a nightmare of the director?
The Dali style image take us into a fantasy world where death and reincarnation are the subjects.


Ethereal Chrysalis official world premiere was held on Aug. 6th 2011
at Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, QC, Canada.


A work in progress of Ethereal Chrysalis was screened on June 3rd 2011 at Vitesse Lumière Festival in Quebec City.
The reaction was so positive that we won the prize for the best film ex aequo. See article...


In 2006 Syl Disjonk won the audience award and a special jury prize at the Festival Vitesse Lumière in Quebec for his post-apocalyptic short film Zordax II: The Metal War.